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Upholding the integrity of an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional parking lot is a challenge for every business. Aged, faded pavement with scattered potholes and crevices really can impact your business in a negative manner. Such faults also have the potential to cause damage to the vehicles that traverse the lot. Help is available through Sealcoating America’s array of services. Ask around and you will find that local Tampa business owners have no reservations about relying on our professionalism or the quality of our work.

Our Job

While parking lots appear to be uber-tough and resilient, they all require frequent maintenance in order to preserve their structural integrity and visual appeal. We offer an array of commercial services:


Sealcoating is widely considered to be the most effective preventative maintenance action for parking lots. However, sealcoating once every five years or once every decade will not suffice. Numerous studies have found that sealing a parking lot can improve its useful life twofold. A frequent sealcoating also decreases the risks of potholes, cracks and all sorts of other eyesores. Additionally, a sealcoating enhances your lot’s ability to fend off those harmful UV rays from above.


Every business desires orderly parking in their lot. However, this is not possible when the parking lines are poorly defined. Parking lines, just like their surrounding asphalt, take a walloping from the elements and automobiles. As time passes, these lines fade away. Some aren’t even decipherable after a few years. Sealcoating America is proud to provide elite craftsmanship that generates distinct lanes, zones and even parking instructions.

Full Depth Reclamation

Parking lot cracks and crevices present a number of challenges outside of their unpleasant aesthetics. As the pavement in the lot develops fissures, moisture seeps in and results in all sorts of problems. Sealcoating America provides full depth asphalt reclamation to repair those imperfections in a timely and low-cost manner.

Sealcoating America has the Solutions to Your Parking Lot Woes

Are you in need of parking lot maintenance? Any business owner in the greater Tampa, Florida area can reach out to Sealcoating America for a free analysis and estimate. We have over half a century of experience in the industry as a fully insured and licensed Florida Contractor. Do not hesitate to contact us today for more information about our services.

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